Vishu Wishes and Vishu images (The best 101 wishes LETEST 2019)

Vishu Wishes and Vishu images (The best 101 wishes LETEST 2019)

hey, guys if you wondering best and unique Wishes and photos you are in the right place we provided 101 Happy Vishu Wishes Ideas and some unique images. don't miss to Wish and greeted your Friends and family

my apologies.  If you came to this post expecting 101 Vishu Wishes... I don’t have that many yet.  But I’m going to keep this post up-to-date (just added #37 in March 2018).  Whenever I think of Vishu wishes that I don’t have time to pursue myself and I’ll keep updating this post so we eventually get to 101.

1.May this Ugadi bring you a new spirit, new beginning, and new prosperity. Wishing you a very happy Vishu

2. Let's welcome Vishu with great hope, eagerness & anticipation.Let us look forward to a plentiful of joy, satisfaction, peace & prosperity.

3. May this Ugadi usher cheerfulness, enriching the hearts of people with good health, wealth and joy. Happy Vishu

4.May this Vishu usher cheerfulness, enri…

Happy Vishu Images and Vishu Greetings (Latest 2019)

Happy Vishu Images and Vishu Greetings (Latest 2019)

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1.Here's wishing you a wonderful year ahead, filled with happiness and success! Happy Vishu!

Vishu festival Date: 2018 April 14 If you want to know more information about Vishu Festival click 
Vishu Festival

2.May you be blessed with peace, prosperity and good fortune... Happy Vishu!

3.Happy Vishu, Happy New Year

4.In the spirit of this glorious festival of Vishu, I wish you the best of life and a wonderful Vishu celebration. Happy Vishu

5.I'm missing you this Vishu!

Happy Vishu Images and Vishu Greetings
6.On this auspicious new year day may Lord Ganesha bless you with good fortune and prosperity. Happy Vishu

Vishu festival (full Information)-Festival Fever

Vishu festival full information:introduction: If you searching for the full information about Vishu Festival. this is the best place for exploring your knowledge.I am giving best and rich content about Vishu festival, let's explore knowledge with us. here we go

when is celebrates Vishu Festival?
YearMonthDateWeek2019April 14Sunday  2018April14Saturday2017April14Sunday

Duration: One dayObservation in:Kerala , tuluva HindusOther names:Vishu ,BihuReligion: HinduSpecial dishes: Vishu Kanji, Thoran, and Vishu katta.Special events:firework, visiting temples, eating a special feast  Sadya
Vishu Festival According to the Astronomical new year Hindus. This festival called in Malayalam Vishu, and Bisu in Tulu language. this is a spring festival of all regions.
This festival follows the lunisolar cycle on the fest day of the month called medam.vishu festival usually falls every year in April According to Georgian calendar it falls April 14th every year.
Vishu festival celebrates Kerela, Tulunadu…

Rama Navami @2019 (full information)-Festival Fever

Rama Navami 2019  (full information)
when is Rama Navami celebrates?Rama Navamiis Hindu Religion Spring Festival. typically Rama Navami falls in the Gregorian months of March and April.

YearMonthDateWeek2019April 14Sunday  2018March 25Sunday2017April5Wednesday

Rama Navami is Lord Rama birthday.All Hindus celebrate Rama Navami all over the world.  Rama is worshiped all across the world by a lot of devotees on this day.

                             Puja, yatra, Rama's Story recitation, anna dana(charity)

                            one day all

How to celebrate Rama Navami?  Many  Hindus visit temples, others worship at home where small idols of in font Rama are bathed and getting some clothed, before being placed in a cradle.
 The ceremony is accompanied by Rama Katha recitals, or bhajan or kirtan. A lot of devotees also observe fast on this auspicious day.
While the festival begins with the legend of Rama, it also gives great respect for Sita, Lakshmana, and Hanu…

Ugadi, Gudi Padwa , putandu , vishu festivals @2019

Ugadi, Gudi Padwa, Putandu, Vishu festivals full information:When is celebrates Ugadi, Gudi Padwa, Putandu, Vishu festivals?

Ugadi is the  new lunar year of Telugu,Kannada,Malayalam,Tamil,Panjab,Rajastan,Wstbengal and Jammu Kasmeer hindus people.ugadi is a Hindu religious festival.
Ugadi started at 2018 March 18 Sunday this year, and it is celebrated in Andra Pradesh, Telangana, Gujarath, Kannada, Manipur, Jammu Kashmir, and goa.
some states of people like jammu&kasmmer celebrate in 2018 March 19 Monday.
TamilNadu and Panjab celebrate festival in 2018 April 14 Saturday
Assam, Tripura, West Bengal and the Arunachal States celebrated the festival in 2018 April 15 Sunday
what is the reason behind Ugadi festival dates are different than other states? "Hindus New Year according to Luni-Solar calendar.
 Luni-Solar calendars consider the position of the Moon and the position of the Sun to divide the year into months and days. 
The counter-part of Luni-Solar calendar is the Solar calendar wh…